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My Latest Obsession

Latest Obsession
Um, I really love this dress. Do I really need to say anything more than that? I keep trying to think of something else to say but the only thing that pops into my mind is how this is probably one of my favorite purchases recently. And that’s really saying something because I shop A LOT…like every few days a lot. And yes, I’ve already established that I have a problem. I’ll get help for it when I’m good and ready, okay? Stop judging me. Continue reading

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Go with the flow

Go With The Flow
I have been a creature of habit my whole life and have a serious fear of change. I think this comes from my need to control everything and anything that’s going on around me. Because of this and the fact that I have so much going on right now, I tend to be on a very strict schedule most days. On Sundays, I like to sit down with my agenda and plan my upcoming week down to the projects I hope to tackle, the food I’ll be eating for dinner, and the plans we have for the weekend. Continue reading

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Age is nothin’ but a number

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m actually an old lady trapped in a younger person’s body. I don’t know when exactly I made the switch from wanting to have fun and be crazy to listening to NPR, … Continue reading

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