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Just call me MIA

Just call me MIAHi guys! Um, I’m going to skip the part where I apologize about being totally MIA and just get right to what I’ve been up to. Sound good? Good. Continue reading

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2014 Broad Street Run Race Recap: Part 2 + 5 Tips for Running Broad Street

Post Broad StreetJust tuning in? Click here for Part 1 of my race recap.

Sorry for the delay in getting the second part of this post up! Last week was super busy for me for some reason. Now, where were we…

After our corral took off at the start of the race, I tried my best to remember to watch my pace and not go too quickly right out of the gate. With the excitement of everyone running, it was difficult to not get caught up and I ended up running a little too fast at the beginning. In addition to trying to watch my pace, I was paying extra attention to how my knees were feeling since I hadn’t run on them since I had to stop my run last week. Continue reading

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2014 Broad Street Run Race Recap: Part 1

Pre Broad StreetI think I was the most nervous and anxious in the days leading up to the Broad Street Run than I have ever been in my entire life. As I’ve mentioned numerous times now (so much so that I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it), my knees have been giving me issues for the past month or two during training runs. I purchased new stabilizing shoes and insoles in late March and have been KT taping them and this has helped with some of the issues, but they were still overly achy after runs and I had some sharp, shooting pains at times. Continue reading

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