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Farmer’s Market, SUP, and Old Town

Farmer's Market, SUP, and Old TownAfter my calm and peaceful Friday night at the Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop, I had quite a busy and active rest of the weekend. Despite my best attempts to sleep in, my body woke me up about 3 times while it was still dark and when I rolled over the 4th time to see that it was 7:30am, I decided to get up and begin the day by walking the pup. Continue reading

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San Diegans

And we're off!So I am officially a San Diegan now! Is that what they’re even called actually? Eh, in either case, Ed and I moved into our new apartment on Friday afternoon and it’s been a whirlwind of unpacking and exploring ever since then. Continue reading

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Weekend Snapshots

Weekend SnapshotsWeekend Snapshots Continue reading

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