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Do I Have to Adult?

Have to Adult Today?Hello all!

Well, it seems once again that I’ve failed at my mission to begin writing on this blog more regularly. 2015 has been a jam packed year for me and, while I’m grateful for the many things I’ve been able to do this year, my mind is quite jumbled and exhausted by the end of each day with the sheer amount of stuff I have to do. Some days, the thought of having to throw on clothes and be an actual functioning adult seems too much to do. Continue reading

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25th Birthday Adventures

25th Birthday AdventuresSo, it happened. I turned 25. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about it. I’m officially at the age where I’m starting to dread that number getting higher and higher. Although a lot of people have told me that 25 was an amazing year for them, so hopefully it’s not as bad as I think it will be. Continue reading

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Weekend Recap + More Knee Problems

Weekend Date NightOh, how I love the weekend. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of leaving work on a Friday. Am I right? It’s like you’ve been caged up for years and now you’re finally let free to fly! Okay, well maybe it’s not that dramatic, but you get the point. While I was at work on Friday, Ed had a busy day of gardening and landscaping our front yard and backyard since our grass grows like crazy in the spring/summer months. After his day full of manual labor, he wanted to relax and have a good time come Friday night. Count me in! We decided to make it a date night and head up to Victory Brewing Company for drinks and dinner. Ed is a big fan of Victory beer and loves coming here whenever possible! I’m not the hugest fan of beer, but I’ve been trying to develop my palate when it comes to it and have been enjoying it more as of recently. Continue reading

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