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Go with the flow

Go With The Flow
I have been a creature of habit my whole life and have a serious fear of change. I think this comes from my need to control everything and anything that’s going on around me. Because of this and the fact that I have so much going on right now, I tend to be on a very strict schedule most days. On Sundays, I like to sit down with my agenda and plan my upcoming week down to the projects I hope to tackle, the food I’ll be eating for dinner, and the plans we have for the weekend. Continue reading

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Product Empties: June

Empties Collage
I never used to understand why beauty gurus did posts on the products they’ve used up. I mean, why exactly do I want to see your trash? I can go look at my own if need be, thank you. Between my boyfriend, my dog, and I, we make enough trash on a daily basis to keep me entertained for hours. Albeit, this would probably be disgusting to look through, but I guess it’s an option if I am ever REALLY bored one day. After watching a few “empties” Continue reading

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Age is nothin’ but a number

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m actually an old lady trapped in a younger person’s body. I don’t know when exactly I made the switch from wanting to have fun and be crazy to listening to NPR, … Continue reading

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