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IMG_0526My name is Cassy. I’m 25 years old and I live in San Diego with my boyfriend, Ed, and our fur baby, Corrina.

IMG_2586Isn’t she adorable?!

Some random facts about me:

Interests (aside from health and fitness)// Pitbulls, animal welfare, zombies, horror movies (good & bad), trying out new restaurants, vodka (who said that?!), bad humor (see previous interest), festivals in the summer, shopping

Favorite TV shows// The Walking Dead, Dexter, American Horror Story, anything and everything on Bravo!, The Following, True Blood, Fringe, Friends, SATC, New Girl

Favorite Movie of all time// Dirty Dancing

AboutI first became interested in health and fitness during my sophomore year of college. I had gained the “Freshman 15” (well, closer to the Freshman 20) and had kept the weight on through my fall semester of sophomore year. During my spring semester, I took a nutrition class in order to satisfy some credits that I needed, but ended up becoming really interested in it. One of our projects for the class was to write down everything we had eaten for a few weeks, then use the software provided to us to analyze our eating habits and nutrition. For the second part of the project, we did the same thing again but tried to improve upon our results. After completing the project, I had lost a total of 8 of those 20 pounds I had gained and was officially addicted and wanted to learn as much about health and nutrition as I possibly could.

After learning more about how calories and macro-nutrients affect our weight and body composition, I found it pretty easy to drop the weight I had gained. As I started to drop the additional weight slowly but surely, I became a little too obsessed with the number on the scale and losing weight. There were days where the only thing I would eat for lunch would be a bag of Soy Crisps and a diet soda. I actually had a lot of days like that. Not healthy at all. I was absolutely starving a lot of the time. Although I had been the thinnest I had ever been, I was also COMPLETELY miserable and a raging bitch quite frankly. Despite being unhappy, I kept on this pattern for a little over a year until I met my boyfriend, Ed.

When Ed and I first started dating, we went through the “honeymoon” phase where all you want to do is enjoy time with the person and do everything imaginable with them. This included lots of dates to new restaurants and ordering takeout with a movie. Not surprisingly, I gained weight during this time. And you know what? It was okay. It was okay because despite not being that thin anymore I was still at a healthy weight and I was finally happy again. During both times in my life where I gained weight and where I lost weight, I failed to make my overall health and happiness a priority. Instead, I just focused on the number on the scale OR how yummy those buffalo fingers looked. Not on whether I was healthy or happy.

Nowadays, instead of starving myself to be what I perceived as “healthy”, I make it a point to strive for balance in my life. I love eating clean and all natural just as much as I love eating a fast food burger and having a glass of wine (or several glasses of wine for that matter). I’m someone who truly loves food of all kinds from all regions. I love the good, high quality food just as much as I love the greasy, cheap food. And that’s perfectly okay. I eat healthy a majority of the time and allow myself to let loose when I want to. And, man, do I know how to let loose. As long as I’m happy and healthy, that’s all that matters!

I truly believe food and fitness are the most important things to making you feel good “on the inside” and look good on the outside. And a little bit of makeup and pretty clothes never hurt anyone ;).

Thank you for stopping by and I would love to hear from you!