Spring Fever

I’m pretty sure all of you east coasters are going to hate me for saying this, but I’m pretty sure that Spring has officially hit San Diego. Yesterday, we received temps well into the 80s and the rest of the week is looking sunny and 70 degrees or above. I can’t say that I’m hating it.Weather March 8thI’m also super excited that Daylight Savings Time has hit. I don’t know about you guys, but I really hate that by the time I leave work each day the sun is already setting. The day seems longer when the sun doesn’t set quite so early.

To celebrate the Spring-like temps, I had a pretty active weekend starting with a Sparkcycle class on Saturday morning, which is similar in energy/workout to SoulCycle or Flywheel (i.e. LED lights and loud, club-like music). I told you guys about the Fitn app before (which is similar to ClassPass and Fitmob) and I am still in love with it. It lets me access great classes all over San Diego like Sparkcycle for only $99 a month, which is a steal for boutique-style studios.

I started Sunday off with a yoga class at Happy U Namaste (also through Fitn) in Ocean Beach. The Sunday morning 9am class is a Chakra Flow class. It was super low intensity and very peaceful and centering, which was the PERFECT way to start out my Sunday. The whole class focused on the root chakra, which involved connecting ourselves with the earth and material world while also focusing on stability and security.Happy U NamasteAfter yoga, I had to head to work for a couple of hours to help out with a Nutrition Seminar we were hosting. I love that I get to work in the health and fitness field and don’t even mind going to work on a Sunday since it hardly feels like “work” when it’s something I’m so passionate about. Nutrition Seminar

After the seminar, I headed back over to OB to met Ed, who was studying at a café there after he finished his yoga class.OBWe walked about OB for a little while since it was such a nice day before deciding to head to Old Town to check out some of the cool shops.Old TownOld Town is basically like “Little Mexico” and has the most amazing restaurants, cute little shops, and live music everywhere. Even though I’m very sad that I couldn’t partake in all of the margarita drinking and tamale eating since I’m still trying to eat clean, it was still fun to walk around on such a beautiful day.

After a fun-filled day, we hit up TJ’s and Sprouts for our weekly groceries then did meal prep for the week before planting our butts on the couch with Netflix for the rest of the night.Peppers, Onions, & Sweet Potatoes

What are the temps like where you live?
Fave type of food? American, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai, etc?

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5 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. I’m with you on the ALL OF THE ABOVE. No picky eaters over here at Single-tracked Mind. Awesome weekend! It’s spring in SF too.

  2. Trey says:

    looks like a fun weekend- it was in the 80’s here too yesterday and I won’t lie- I enjoyed every minute. Cheers!

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  4. roxygurl464 says:

    This east-coaster is VERY jealous! Cold & jealous!!!

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