Ceramicafe & Mission Bay

Our weekends have been quite different around here recently since we can’t go out for drinks or eat out at restaurants while we’re doing our “challenge”. As much as I miss Friday night drinks and yummy food, it’s forced us to get creative with our date nights and we’ve been a lot more active overall. It’s amazing the things you can get done on a Sunday when you’re not glued to the couch with Netflix and a pizza.

Ed always has off of work on Fridays and I usually get out in the early afternoon. After he picked me up, he told me he had a fun little excursion to Ceramicafe planned. I’ve dropped hints now for several weeks/months that an activity like this would be fun, and I guess he finally picked up on my signals!
Ceramicafe 1I am by no means an artist, but I was still excited to get a little creative and paint something all by myself. I chose to paint a mug to add to my already overflowing mug collection. Ed decided to paint a spoon holder since it’s actually something we need in our kitchen. I hate putting cooking spoons down on the dirty countertop.
Ceramicafe 2What we thought would only take an hour or 2 tops actually turned into a 3-4 hour project. Apparently, we are REALLY bad at painting and it took us quite a while to figure it all out. We were both super concentrated on our projects and I think we only said about 2 words to each other the entire time.

I can’t wait to see what my mug looks like once it’s glazed though! I’ll be sure to post a pic.

After the wildness that was our Friday night, we woke up bright and early on Saturday to get in a run around Mission Bay before Ed had to go to work. Loved running here – there were lots of people out and a bunch of yoga/stroller bootcamp classes going on.
Running at Mission Bay
After we got back home, I spent much of the rest of the day like this:
Corrina on CouchOnly I was slightly more productive than Corrina and got some work done too.

On Sunday, we partook in our usual activities of grocery shopping and meal prepping. After all of that jazz was done, we headed back to Mission Bay to enjoy a bonfire and grill some skewers! It was the day for it – just warm enough for a light sweater/hoodie.
Bonfire at Mission BayWe grilled chicken skewers with peppers and onions on the bonfire and played a couple of rounds of baseball while the sun was setting.
Skewers at Mission BayBaseball at Mission BayIt was a perfect little Sunday afternoon/evening filled with lots of relaxation and preparation for the week ahead!
Sunset at Mission Bay
What did you guys do this weekend?
Favorite Sunday activity?

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7 Responses to Ceramicafe & Mission Bay

  1. What a lovely weekend! That art project looks fun, despite my total lack of artistic skills.

  2. That looks like a great weekend! I’m pretty sure I’ve been dropping hints about a local pottery class Friday nights for about 2 months now, hopefully my boyfriend figures it out soon! I’m so jealous of your bonfire weather! We took an unexpected vacation day yesterday to go snowboarding so even though it was a Tuesday I sort of feel like it was an extended weekend :)

  3. Hilary says:

    I love those little pottery classes that give you a day to act like an artist! They are so fun! Have you ever tried a painting class? They are so much fun too!

    • Cassy says:

      I haven’t tried on yet, but they have a wine and painting class near me that looks like so much fun! Although I’m not sure how good of a painter I’ll be after a glass of wine…

  4. Warm Sunday’s, I like to go to the zoo or park with the kiddos… Cold Sunday’s I lay in bed and read lol

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